They do, as you do and say (short post)

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How many times have we heard “Do as I say, not as I do!”? How many times have we done the opposite? My family and I was in Sunday service last week. During praise and worship I always worship openly. Looking down at my son, who is three, I noticed he was worshiping just as I was! He stood on the church chair in the front row with his hands lifted high, eyes closed, singing his heart to the Lord, paying no attention to anyone around him “just like mommy”, he says. This made me think; how many other things does he act out that he sees mommy do? Am I being a representation of Christ to my children?

As a mom I find myself more often than I wish making excuses of why I can act a certain way and my kids can’t. How hypocritical of me!!! Of course there is a line drawn for certain situations but what I am mainly speaking on is our character. How we react to certain situations. If we are having a bad day, what is our reaction to that situation. I can be so quick to tell my teenage daughter to “put her attitude in check!” but sometimes fail to listen to her. Or take my frustration out on others around me, honestly needing to be told “Brianna, you need to put your attitude in check.”

Our children watch what we say and match it to what we do. They are a great indicator of our successes and fails in parenthood. I have been reminded of this. What are some of your thoughts on this subject?

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Brianna Bullock

Hi, My name is Brianna. I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children: 13 year old Alani, 3 year old EJ, and 1 year old Addison. I am a devoted christian and home-school advocate. I believe as a sunflower reflects the morning sun, so does a dedicated wife reflects God's glory.

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